Client Results: 5 Ways to Generate Rave Testimonials and 5-Star Reviews

The new era client wants to know you’re the best before they hire you, which is what makes reviews and testimonials one of the most important digital assets you can build.

In today’s new era of business, sales, marketing, and real estate, reviews are abundant and everyone has the tools to access, demand, and deliver rave testimonials and 5-star reviews. We all have the digital assets to share our experiences instantly and in some cases, in real time about a company, product, or service. Word travels faster than ever before. What are clients saying about you?

If you don’t have much in the way of reviews, now is the time to start building this asset. I want to teach you how to maximize every single opportunity when you’re working with a client to get a great testimonial or review every single time! I’ll guide you through the process so that you know how to ask, when to ask, and how to get them to give you their best review every single time.

Reviews and testimonials are part of everyday life. I want to teach you how to get tons of great reviews and convert them into multiple formats because it’s that important to your business.

Do you use Uber? My wife and I are big fans of Uber. We use Uber all the time. On date nights, we’ll take Uber, and review our driver. Now, I recently discovered that not only is the driver reviewed on Uber, but so is the rider! You are actually reviewed by your drivers.

And, I’m not talking about calling Uber to get a ride from little Scotty, who just got his license. I’m talking about an executive car, black car service that’s so affordable, it’s an incredible value exchange. So, if every time you call Uber, you’re puking in the backseat, that driver is going to give you a 1-star review. That’s the information exchange of today’s business. Transparency and accountability are incredibly valuable tools to leverage in today’s era.

If you travel a lot, like I do, and you’re looking for a good restaurant, you use Yelp and you choose a restaurant based on its stellar reviews. Where’s the place in Indianapolis, for example, that if you’re going to Indianapolis you absolutely must go to? If you don’t know, it’s Elmo’s Steak House, but if no one told you, you’d check out the reviews on Yelp, right?

It’s the same thing with real estate. If someone’s purchasing a home and they’re driving around and using an app, like Zillow, for example, the real estate agent is also reviewed. So, how do we get those reviews? And not only that, but how do we get 5-star reviews every single time?

My client just sent me a video, a testimonial from a celebrity, Kid Shamrock, a legendary MMA fighter. I was a fan as a kid and my client just happened to sell his home. And, Kid Shamrock’s on video saying, “If you want to learn how to fight, you hire me. If you want to learn how to sell a home, you hire Chris Rayner.” How valuable is that? He’ll be able to leverage that video for years to come! I have hundreds of video testimonials from my conference, two-day workshops, seminars and more.

Have you ever read the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini? This book covers why social proof is so important. What’s social proof? People want to know that you’re good before they hire you. They want to know that restaurant is amazing before they go there. They want to know that you’re a good rider before they go pick you up. That’s the world we live in, so understand the positioning power you have in this and how important it is to generate rave testimonials and 5-star reviews… every single time! And remember, we’re not going for 4 stars, we’re going for 5.


#1. Ask and Expect for a Rave Testimonial and 5-Star Review

From start to finish, you want your customer to understand that your ultimate goal is getting that 5-star review from them. Your customer experience is crucial and must always be leading them to you asking for their testimonial.

There are 3 zones in the customer life cycle:


Set Clear Expectations

“Mr. Buyer, look, I’m going to give you incredible service, just like we have for hundreds and hundreds of our clients because I guarantee at the end of this transaction, if you can’t give me a 5-star review, I’ll refund every penny on commission because that’s what we are in the business to do. We are in the business to serve. So at closing, when I hand you those keys and you give me that glowing testimonial, that’s what makes me do what I do. That’s why I do what I do!”

What are we doing here? We’re setting clear expectations from the very beginning, even though we’re asking for the testimonial at closing. Closing is the absolute best time to ask for the testimonial.

“Suzy was able to give me an amazing testimonial at closing. We helped Suzy, she had her home on the market for 60 days with the previous agent, but she hired me and I implemented our 89-point marketing plan. That’s the reason I was able to sell her home for full price within the first 7 days and it’s going to work for you, too, because our marketing plan works! I want to get the same type of testimonial from you, otherwise, I’m not happy.”

“It’s important for us to get a 5-star review from you. It’s important for us for you to tell all your friends and family what an amazing job we do. If at any point, you can’t give me a 5-star review, I want you to call me up and let me know, “Hey Hoss, you’re slipping to a 4.” Watch me step it up because I’m in the business of getting 5-star reviews.”

If you fail to do this from the very beginning, it’s only going to be awkward later if you ask for a testimonial.


#2. Make It Easy for Them

In my experience, I’ve learned that most people do not like to give testimonials. It’s not that they don’t want to give you a testimonial, it’s that they don’t know what to say. They don’t know how to do it. They’re not comfortable in front of a camera. They’re not a writer. They don’t know the different points. At lot of times, you ask a customer for a testimonial and they send you a whole sheet back that looks like an essay. It’s because they don’t know what to say! So, you have to make it easy for them and easy on you, too.

My first conference was an incredible event, we had 300 agents from 45 states, 3 provinces in Canada, from Spain, from Australia, all over the world. It was an incredible moment for me because I had all of my clients in one spot. I knew I wanted to get amazing testimonials from them, but I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

And so, after the conference, I told them, “For everybody that gives me a testimonial, go see Sean in the back of the room. Sean, raise your hand! Everyone who gives a testimonial gets a free book. So, go see Sean and give us a great testimonial.”

I also walked around the room and encouraged people, “Hey Steve, make sure to see Sean and give us an awesome testimonial. Can’t wait to see it!” “Hey Shirley, hope we did awesome. Can’t wait to hear your testimonial.” So, I was really pushing people to give us a testimonial, and while we got a lot of them, most of them weren’t very good. Most of them weren’t very good at all in fact and I missed an opportunity, but I learned an important lesson that day: people need structure. I learned that I need to tell them what to say.

The very next year, I fixed that. I gave them a framework that led to unbelievable reviews that I can leverage for years to come.

So, here’s what I did. I put a board in front of them with three questions:

#1. One word to describe this event or working with me.

#2. How was your life and business before you hired me?

#3. How will your life be different?


Unbelievable!  Before I came to Hoss, I was a Jack of all trades and master of none. I was just flying by the seat of my pants. I was hiring the wrong people. I was going in a million different directions. I didn’t have clarity on what I wanted to do. I didn’t have clarity on how to do it. And I remember getting the emails from Hoss. I ignored the first one and I ignored the second one, but he stayed on me. Then, I had a closing fall apart and I pulled the trigger, thinking that things have got to change. So, I pulled the trigger and I decided, I committed to come. And, I’m glad I did!

With what I learned here, I’m going to be able to double, triple my business. I’m leaving here with the blueprint to grow my business. If you’re thinking about coming and you’re on the fence, stop waiting. Take action! I’m Alex from Georgia. Have a great day!”

The easiest way to get the testimonial you want from your client is to write it for them. Be specific, but keep it short.

“In less than 4 weeks, I’ve listed an additional 6 listings using the FSBO Assault Program. I recommend it to everyone except my competition!”

“The FSBO Assault is incredible! I’m confident we’ll list an additional 5 – 10 listings a month from this system. Thanks Hoss!”

“Hoss’ 89-point marketing plan sold my home for 101% of asking price. Look no further, he’s your answer!”

“My home was on the market for 90 days with two other agents. Hoss was referred to me by a friend from church and he sold my home within 7 days because his certified pre-owned program is incredible. I recommend it to all my friends and family.”

Your clients can’t write these testimonials. Most of them aren’t writers, but you are or at least, you should be. Most salespeople, marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs need to get better at writing. You use this skill every day. You need to develop this skill so that you’re able to tell the story with the right timeline and the right words. Write it for them. Tell their story. It’s that important!

If your client is a great writer already, it saves you time. If they’re sending you emails raving about you, reply and ask if you can one as a testimonial. It’s that easy! But, if they’re not, writing their testimonial for them is really the best way. Shoot them a quick email with your write up for approval and make it as easy as possible. Again, be specific but keep it short. Focus on results! Be intentional about it.


#3. Give Them Options

Some people are good on video. Some people are not. If they’re not comfortable on camera, don’t put them on camera. You can get a written testimonial instead or even just audio, through a quick call or chat.

“Look Mr. Client, after we get done closing, you’re going to get a call from Shirley. Shirley’s going to give you an exit interview. It helps us tell your story, provide an incredible testimonial and see the incredible value we bring to the table.”

Exit Survey Questions:

1.     Tell us about yourself and what you do.

2.     How long have you been working with Hoss?

3.     What initially intrigued you about Hoss?

4.     Tell us about some specific systems that you’ve implemented in your business.

5.     Tell us about what you’ve worked on.

6.     Tell us the best part of coaching with Hoss.

7.     Tell us a specific story about how Hoss has gone above and beyond your expectations.

8.     What would you tell someone who’s on the fence about working with Hoss?

Make it a standard to get a testimonial from every client, every time. I have a library of different types of testimonials as well as third-party and celebrity endorsements. Don’t get uncomfortable asking your clients for testimonials. You need to plug these testimonials into everything you can: your website, social media, Yelp, Zillow, Trulia, etc.

Give your clients options:

1.     Video

2.     Audio

3.     Written

If your customer is not comfortable on camera or video, use a third-party voice. It can even be your voice, so long as it’s clear that it’s coming from them.


#4. Repurpose in Multiple Ways

There is tremendous value in the content you already have and the content you’re going to collect going forward. Repurposing your testimonials into multiple formats separates you from the competition, builds a library of credibility and success stories you can share in various ways.

So, how do you repurpose a 5-minute client testimonial video? For $1/minute, you can turn your client testimonial into a written success story using a transcription service like, for example. So, for $5, I can turn my video into a success story that I can then email to prospects that are on the fence. We need to maximize every opportunity and leverage all the content you create. Are you repurposing the content you already have?

One video from a seminar, workshop, or webinar can turn into 3 different blog posts. You can turn those articles into one mini-book to hand out or mail out to your clients. You can create a PDF of that mini-book and email it out to prospects.


#5. Give Testimonials and Reviews

Do you roll around town giving 1-star reviews? If you do, I doubt you’re the kind of person who gets rave reviews. Get in the habit of giving good reviews, especially to your vendors. This is the law of reciprocity. Earlier I mentioned Cialdini’s social proof. He also talks about the law of reciprocity. So, what happens when you give an amazing testimonial to a vendor? They’ll likely give you one back. They’ll likely send a referral your way. Your opinion matters.

You’re an authority. Who are you working with every single day? Who do you depend on? Who do you do business with? Start giving amazing reviews and watch the law of reciprocity in action.

There is so much information out there. It’s absolutely abundant. You all compete against the person who has better reviews than you. You all compete against the person who is more intentional about testimonials.



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