Cost and Value: The best social media management company for your money

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Cost and Value: The best social media management company for your money

Plenty of social media companies offer to manage your Facebook and Twitter profiles, but it’s clear from our spammy feeds that not all of them are created equal.


In today’s post, we’ll:


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An overview of the top five services

First, a quick review of the five social media management companies that we’re comparing today:


Agent Image: Part of a larger real estate marketing company with various services tailored to agents, Agent Image’s social media management offering comes in three service tiers.


Circle Pix: One of two products featuring a real-life team of experts who source and curate content, Circle Pix’s Pix Social focuses on finding fresh, relevant content for agents.


CityBlast: As the other content offering that boasts a team of “Social Experts” working behind the scenes to curate and schedule content, CityBlast’s CB Complete product also offers the option of local posts.


RIS Media: The industry publisher’s latest offering is ACE, which stands for Automated Content Engagement. ACE posts RIS Media content to agent’s social pages seven days a week.


Roar Solutions: An automated service, Roar Solutions promises pitch-perfect content posted to your social channels three days a week.


Here’s a quick breakdown of the main features and differences between the products:

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Real experts vs. automation

While every service must have a team of content specialists sourcing articles to share, only two services mention that their teams work to curate the content specifically requested by their clients.


That means that if you’re hoping to avoid posting the same content as thousands of other agents nationwide, Circle Pix and CityBlast are your best bet.



Usability and dashboard features

While it’s nice to have the option to call a customer service line, busy agents need to be able to control the vast majority of a product on their own. When it comes to dashboard and user features, a few products stood out.


Circle Pix, CityBlast and Roar Solutions all allow their users to control the style of posts that will be posted to their feeds. That’s a win — it means that your posts are more likely to sound like you actually wrote them.


But what about previewing (and editing) posts in advance to ensure they meet your standards? Of the five solutions, CityBlast and Circle Pix have a content calendar showing posts that have been scheduled in advance. You can delete Circle Pix posts before they go live, but only CityBlast allows advanced editing where you can change the language of the post, switch it with another post, or reschedule it for another time.



Miscellaneous features

While most of the features are easy to compare, four of the five products had a differentiator built in that we’d like to mention.


Agent Image includes a customized setup for new users where they get new profile and cover photo images, as well as advice on how to clean up their copy and brand voice.


Both Circle Pix and CityBlast have an agent-branded leaderboard ad that appears when a social media fan clicks open a post from the agents’ connected social media pages.


CityBlast also offers their users a 9-step Facebook page makeover to ensure their page setup is complete and their profile appeals to local fans and followers.


RIS Media’s posts are all generated from RIS Media content, but when users click through, they are taken to a re-skinned page (still hosted by RIS Media) that features the agent’s photo and contact information.


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Declaring a winner

It’s a tight race and agents may want to explore each of the services that interest them to find the right fit. For our money, though, CityBlast comes up at the top.


Why? They not only boast a team of real social experts who personally curate and schedule content, they also provide the most control to agents who want to approve or review posts before they go live. While you’d expect their price to be higher than others who don’t offer quite as much, CityBlast’s pricing matches or undercuts its competitors.


Tell us what you think

Do you outsource your social media? If so, what service do you use and what kind of success have you had so far?


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