Creating Content: How To Organize Your Thoughts & Talk About What You Know

Copy of Overcoming Objections Hoss Pratt (2)

I’ll never forget how flabbergasted I was when the coach who was mentoring me on speaking and coaching— very smart, funny guy, kept me engaged and entertained through an hour-long call. I remember listening to him and thinking, “How does he do that?” And, now, today, I can do that! Why? Because I got started.

You already know everything you need to know. You know your industry, your niche, how to build a team, create scripts, negotiate deals, close sales, market and serve your customers. You already know more than you think! Most of these things are unconscious competencies and that’s what you need to talk about because that expertise is already in you. You just need to organize it.

Do you know how many people have a book in them? They think about writing a book; they talk about writing a book. But, how many get it done? Very few. How many of you have a book in you right now? Every last one of you, I bet. I believe everyone has a book in them, they just need to organize their thoughts.

So, How Do You Do It?

I mind map. It’s my preferred way to organize my thoughts. I map out the main point, sub-points, and everything that supports it. Sometimes, this looks like an outline. Other times, it looks more like a brain dump, meaning, I’m putting down every word, sentence, thought related to something. I don’t think about it, I just get it all out fast and on paper.

Sometimes, when I’m on the road, it’s easier to just record myself thinking aloud. I’ll send myself or my assistant an audio recording to go over later. When I travel, I always bring a dry erase marker with me. Why? Because when I get to the hotel, I start mapping things out. On the windows, on the mirrors, I get every thought out. When I go to seminars, I don’t go out and fiddle; I stay in my room and I go to work. There is nothing luxurious about being a road warrior.

Do you journal? If you don’t, start right now. You can mind map in your journal. I have hundreds of mind maps written out throughout my journals. When I discovered these techniques, everything changed.

I found that I could take this ADD mind of mine that has 1,000 thoughts going 100-mph and give it one place to organize and have it make sense. If you look at the outline for my Easy Money book, you can see its skeleton on paper. The outline is what’s going to help me write my book. I have chapters, paragraphs within the chapters and I’ll just go through the outline and start speaking, adding meat to those bones. I already know the content, I just have to get it out. Organizing my thoughts is what keeps it all together so I always know where I’m going next and how to connect everything.

If you want to master creating content, you’ve got to master organizing your thoughts. You can’t produce good content without it. You can’t write a book without it. No ghostwriter or writer is going to be able to do this for you. If you think you can delegate this task, you’ve failed before you even started. You’re toast! Why? You cannot delegate what I just showed you.