Content Is King: What Is Content? And, How Do You Plan Ahead?


What Is Content?

Content, by definition, is something that is to be expressed through some medium as speech, writing, or video. It’s that simple! It’s taking what you know and presenting it. You can do this through various mediums— a speech, webinar, seminar, book or video. You can create content a lot of different ways, but really it comes down to 2 areas: digital content and written content. And, you need both. You need to be able to present in both forms and convert one form to the other: turn digital to written and vice versa. You want to create an umbrella of content.

In it, you would have videos, like 3 to 5-minute videos of you talking about a particular topic or showing your audience something behind the scenes. You can record training sessions or lessons you teach your team. You can go LIVE on Facebook. You would have things like free reports and eBooks, loaded with facts and information to educate your audience. If you’re hesitant to write a book, remember you don’t always have to write a book – you can speak a book. Webinars make for great content, so do podcasts. Blogs and articles are great, whether you’re writing your own or contributing. Email newsletters, marketing campaigns, and testimonials all make for great content.

Ideally, you want to have a little bit of everything. Consider the content above, what 2 things pique your interest the most? Is it starting your own podcast? Maybe, it’s a Facebook LIVE show. If you don’t know, I would start a Facebook LIVE show centered around what you know. It’s not hard! I can show you. If you’re really struggling to figure it out, Facebook LIVE is a great place to start, connect with your audience, and create great content.


So, how do you create valuable content for your audience? There are 3 things you need to do consistently in order to produce good content: read, listen, and create. I read every single day. Every day, I force myself to organize my thoughts, put pen to paper, to create and share my message. Challenge yourself to pull what you know out of you. When I do that, I feel fulfilled.

It feels good to be able to create and share what I know with you, knowing it can help you get more out of life and multiply your business. Content is king!

I won’t tell you that it’s easy, but I can tell you the challenge of not knowing is far worse. Once you know, you have to implement. You have to force yourself to do it, like anything else that takes a little bit of time and discipline. Most people meet resistance. I know I do every day. I’m writing a book right now called, Easy Money, and every day I take an hour to work on it. I get my team on it. Every day, we’re putting in the time to get this done. And, let me tell you, there’s not a single part of this process that has felt easy, seamless, or natural. It’s a challenge but, I love it! Let me share what I’ve learned with you: the reward doesn’t come during, it comes after.

Learn to love the process: the times when it feels sloppy, tough, or like it’s not coming together. Trust the process. It’s all part of creating good content. The end product will reflect every ounce of hard work you put into it, I guarantee it!

Plan Ahead

In order to get content done and get it done consistently, you need to plan ahead. Every year, I plan ahead, all 12 months of it. Every month has a theme. Every month I know exactly what I need to get out there. I’m not winging it. This month, for example, I’m speaking on How to Create a Content Engine. My webinars, shows, blogs, offers – everything will be centered around this one topic, but I didn’t decide this last month. I created a Content Calendar with all of 2018 on paper, month by month, week by week. So, I’m not wasting time or energy thinking about what I want to get done. Instead, I’m using the time and energy to focus on producing what I already planned.


Create a list, numbered 1 through 52 and choose a topic that you can talk about, something that is cementing your place as the expert. I bet most of you won’t get past 15, 20 maybe. Why? Because this exercise requires shifting gears, clearing the cobwebs, and getting creative. Do it anyway. Make the time to plan your year ahead. You content calendar will keep you on track and accountable, so you can get things done instead of wasting time thinking about your next step.


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